BLAZE was founded in 2002 with the purpose of developing the Brazilian fishing industry, bringing together the best products, the most diverse and demanding consumers, strengthening relationships and building knowledge, thus always providing satisfaction and safety to the industry.

Over the years we have established, through work, competence and transparency, the development of the highest quality products and a network of loyal customers around the world.

We produce our products with all due care respecting every request of our customers, as well as the quality requirements of both production and process control of the international market.

Therefore we work with the policy of continuity in the supply of our products, generating lasting business that satisfies the entire productive and commercial chain.

We are committed to serious work, seeking to improve our products every day to better serve our partners.


Blaze exports products to many markets, but acts with greater expression in the European and Asian markets, bringing quality assurance to its customers.


Quality control in food production processes is now more than necessary. Control today is a fundamental structure for the support and continuity of any business relationship.

Blaze requires that the control guidelines for each product be observed and strictly obeyed, so that each item is produced as requested in each market.